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Aleksandra Kiseleva

Place of residence: Moscow
Date of birth: 29.09.2001
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Hair color: fair
Eyes color: blue
Languages: English, Russian


- TV-serial "Let’s go!" for STS channel, directed by Ilya Kazankov, 2019. Actor a Leading Role: Dasha.
- TV-serial "Themis Sees," director by Nikita Grammatikov, 2019. Role: Olya.
- Film "Pansies", director by Sergey Krasnov, 2019. Role: Kat.
- Feature film "She", director Maria Agranovich, 2018. Role: Nataly.
- TV-serial "Eye to eye", director Dmitry Panteleev, 2018. Role: Galya Bogacheva.
- TV-serial "Teachers" for TV-3 channel, directed by Ilya Kulikov, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Oksana.
- Feature film "Mom-mistress", directed by Oleg Fesenko, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Alina Chalco.
- TV-serial "Out of play" for STS channel, directed by Viktor Shamirov, 2018.
- TV-serial "Spider", directed by Michael Garnevski, 2017. Actor a Leading Role: Masha Bolsakova.
- Feature film "Good Boy", directed by Oksana Karas, 2016. Comedy. Role: Sasha.
- Film "Risk being seen", directed by Henric Hemmerlind, Sweden, 2016. Actor a Leading Role.
- Feature film "Dance of Silence", directed by Evgeny Kravchenko (Festival of The Russian State University of Cinematography), 2015. Drama. Actor a Leading Role.
- Movie trailer "Apus", directed by Anatoly Dmitriev, 2015. Fantasy. Actor a Leading Role.

*Became one of the three winners of the "Actor's Laboratory 2015" by "AMEDIA" film company.


- Digital-project by "KENZO" (main actress), 2017;
- "Fashion and Vogue" by RL Jewel, ("FashionTV"), 2017;
- Digital-project "Makeup in the big city" (MaybellineNYRussia), 2017;
- National TV Awards "High Five!", ("STS" channel), 2017;
- TV-show "Dance" (Top-14 best dancers), TNT channel, 2016;
- TV-show "You can more!", Match-TV channel, 2015;
- Kids TV-show "Girls Only", Detsky channel, 2013.

Theater Works (choreographic performances):

- "Alice in Wonderland" (Start.Rec), directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2015, role: Alice;
- "Coming, ready or not!" (GinSeng), directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, Leading role: Girl from fairytale;
- "Sleep of Holy Spring" / fr.original "Le Sacre du printemps", directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, role: Lizard;
- "The Birth", directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, Leading role;
- "Royal Devils Show" (ROYALTY project) directed by Artem Volosov, 2013;
- Show Performance "Pirate Station Revolution" (Record Dance Radio), 2013, directed by Lika Stitch.


- Audiobook "Girl: Online", author of Zoe Sugg, publishing house Audiobook (Exmo-AST). Main role: Penny Porter, 2017;
- Advertising audio of the National Award "Give me Five!", ("Radio"), 2017;
- Animation project "Strizh". Main role: Maria Roshchina, 2015.


Main dance style:

- Voguing

The official representative "The House of Xclusive Lanvin" (New York) since 2013.

The winner of dance festivals:

- "Street Star 2016" ("Old Way" and "New Way" categories);
- "Alice. Deep in Vogue 2016" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Gatsby style" Vogue Ball ProTancy 2016 ("Runway" category);
- "Fantasy Christmas 2016" ("Arms Control" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Street Star 2015" ("Runway" category);
- "Deep in Vogue 2015" ("Bizarre" and "Best Dressed" categories);
- "Show Me What You Got 2015" Battle of dance styles ("Electro Dance vs Vogue" and "Breaking vs Vogue");
- "Mosc.ova Art Ball 2015" ("Bizarre Runway" and "New Way" categories);
- "The East Is Red 2015" ("Runway" category);
- "Snow White 2015" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Surprise" categories);
- "Cartoon Vogue Ball 2015" ("Runway" and "New way vs Old way" categories);
- "Red Bull Beat Battle 2015" (Member of Evgeniy Yushkov’s Creative Team);
- "Raisky Dance Show 2014” (Member of Evgeniy Yushkov’s Creative Team “Start.Rec”.);
- "Winter Wars 2014" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Grand Prize" categories);
- "Russian Roulette 2014" ("New Way" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Circus Vogue Ball 2014" ("Runway" and "New Way" categories);
- "North Venice 2014" ("New Way" category).

* Fashion Room Magazine award "Dancer of the Year"

"Dance on TNT" (Popular Russian dance show):

- "Black Swan", choreography by A.Kiseleva;
- "Constellation", choreography by Y.Korobeinikova;
- "The doll in the book", choreographers S.Gaidukov and K.Matulewski;
- "The love story of Jane and Stephen Hawking", choreographers Miguel and Foam;
- "Madness", choreography by A.Dotsenko;
- "History of Vogue", choreography by V.Klimenko;
- "Star Wars", choreography by Miguel;
- "Discovery. Top 20", choreography by A.Thrones;
- "My love is like", the final concert of the top 20";
- "The dance team Miguel", choreographers E.Reshetnikov and A.Karpenko

International festivals:

- Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Choreographer and dancer for Eden Golan's performance);
- Dance Championship of best Russian choreographers "Russia Respect Show Case - 2014" (Member of Evgeny Yushkov's Creative Team "Start.Rec");
- Street Dance International Festival "Street Star" (Sweden) '2016;
- Street Dance International Festival "Street Star" (Sweden) '2015.

Personal Production:

- The dancing video for a new track of singer Shena, 2018;
- Choreographic production for the singer Artsvik ("Big solo concert Artsvik" in the theater "Gradsky hall", 2017);
- Choreography for concert shooting and presentation of music group "Golden Banana" 2016;
- Choreography for the performance "Basic Instincts" as part of art-project "New Lightness" 2016;
- Choreography for singer Eden Golan's performance at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Modeling works:

- Cosmopolitan (5, May 2018, series of photos);
- InStyle (4, April 2018, photos);
- Tatler (6, June 2018, interview "Million Dollar Baby");
- Harper's Bazaar (KZ, April 2017, interview and photo series);
- VGXW Magazine (October 2017, "Through the Ages" series of photos);
- Daisy Magazine (8, July 2017, cover and editorial);
- ElleGirl (March 2017);
- Danilov Magazine (1, January 2017);
- Elle Russia (online-version 2017);
- Hello (December 2016);
- Fashion Room Magazine (December 2016);
- L'etoile (November 2016, cover);
- Nargis Magazine (29, October 2016);
- Fashion Room Magazine (39, April 2016, cover);
- L'Officiel (online version 2016, beaty);
- Glamour (online version 2016, beaty);
- Allure (online version 2016, beaty);
- Awake (online version 2016, issue "Oxygen").
- Shooting with Nastya Fed special for Pinko, 2018;
- Shooting with Nastya Fed special for Furla, 2018.

Fashion Shows:

- Fashion show "Bella Potemkina" Spring-Summer 2018 at the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia";
- Fashion show of the Artem Krivda Design collection at the Moscow Fashion Week 2017;
- Fashion show of the collection "Natalia Daragan" at the "Sochi Fashion Week 2017" (closing of the show);
- Fashion show of Bella Potemkina Fall-Winter collection 2017/18 at the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia";
- Dance performance at the presentation of the Kenzo World video at the International Festival "Cannes Lions";
- Presentation of the collection and perfume Kenzo on "Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2017";
- Presentation of the collection and perfume Kenzo in the Trading House of the Central Department Store;
- Shooting for the brand jewelry "RLjewel".

Commercial projects:

- "Change your mind" by Vanushina, 2018;
- "Shine bright like a diamond!" for Organic Shop, 2018;
- RL Jewel by FashionTV, 2017;
- "Fashion Robot" by Ushatava, 2017;
- Digital project by "KENZO" (Russia), 2017;
- "Drawing Gucci" (project by Alena Lavdovskaya & Gucci), 2017;
- "Ford Shelby Mustang" by Rhino Motors, 2017;
- Estel (advertisings for TNT, Russian TV channel), 2016;
- Nutella (advertising for "Nutella. My positive"), 2015;
- Timberland (Promo-action "Ànimated mannequins"), 2013.

Special projects:

Personal line of cream "Shine bright like a diamond" by Aleksandra Kiseleva. From "Organic Shop", 2018

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